The benefits of setting up a Trust as part of your estate plan include:
– Ease of Transition (Probate Avoidance)
– Privacy
– Lack of Court Fees
– Tax Planning Benefits
– Limited Asset Protection
Whether you are considering setting up a trust or modifying an existing one, at Kostas & Melcher Law, LLC our attorneys have the experience you need to set up the best Trust plan to suit your personal needs. We understand that each individual has different goals when estate planning, but everyone wants the assets and property that they have worked hard for to be distributed to their beneficiaries in exactly the way they intend. At Kostas & Melcher Law, LLC, we will take the time to ensure that your Trust documents reflect your specific, individual goals and carry out your wishes precisely.
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To learn more about some of the specific types of Trusts which Kostas & Melcher Law, LLC can assist you with, please follow the links below:

-A/B Revocable Trust
-Irrevocable Trusts
-Pet Trusts
-Realty Trusts
-Special Needs
-Family Revocable Trust