What is a HIPPA Release?

A HIPPA Release is also referred to as a HIPPA Authorization. Many people have heard of the HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), but what is it exactly? Created in 1996 by Congress, HIPAA protects the privacy of your healthcare information. HIPAA prohibits hospitals, doctors and any healthcare providers from releasing your health care information unless you specifically consent with a HIPAA authorization form or HIPPA Release, as it is frequently referred to.

Privacy Issues

Keeping your healthcare information private is important, but this same protection can also prevent doctors and hospitals from discussing information or even interacting with your healthcare proxy. HIPAA laws have made healthcare providers on high alert about sharing information with family or healthcare agents. Because so many healthcare providers are in fear of violating the law, it is essential that your health proxy have a properly executed HIPAA authorization so there is never a barrier. The HIPAA authorization will allow your healthcare proxy, or any designated recipient to have access to your medical and billing records, which can be essential when it comes time to make medical decisions.

Be prepared

You do not want to end up in the hospital, needing your healthcare proxy to make an important medical decision for you – but having your proxy unable to discuss your health with your doctors. This form goes hand in hand with your healthcare proxy and it is important to have both properly executed ahead of time.

HIPAA Authorizations and a healthcare proxy are not just for those who are sick or are in fear of one day being sick. Emergency situations happen all the time and it is important your trusted loved ones have the proper access to make the best decisions for you. With the assistance of an experienced attorney, executing a proper HIPAA Authorization is fairly quick and easy, but without one it can create a large barrier between those providing you critical medical attention and those you have designated to make medical decisions on your behalf.

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