At Kostas & Melcher Law, LLC, we know that for many people their pets are important members of the family, and you may have concerns about ensuring that your pets are well cared for after you are gone. Whether your non-human family member has fur, feathers, fins, or scales, we understand your need to be certain they will be provided for should anything happen to you.
In the state of Massachusetts, there have been many changes and updates to probate law in order to better reflect the needs and circumstances of today’s modern families. One major change which has come about under the new Massachusetts Uniform Trust Code, is the ability to form different types of very specific trust with no beneficiary under the legal definition of the term. One very popular variation on this is commonly known as a Pet Trust.
A Pet Trust can be an excellent financial tool to help you set aside funds for vaccinations, medication, or veterinary costs, food, care or any other needs your pet may have. If you have an important member of the family who is not quite human, and think you may be interested in setting up a Pet Trust- call, email, or use the messaging feature at the sidebar or on our Contact page to speak with a qualified Estate Planning Attorney who will help you to consider your options today!