Drafting a valid Last Will and Testament can be the foundation of many people‚Äôs estate planning strategies.  Whether your estate is large or small, a Will can go a long way toward ensuring that your assets are distributed to your heirs as quickly and easily as possible, and exactly as you intend.  At Kostas & Melcher Law, LLC, we over 35 combined years of valuable experience assisting our clients in drafting and revising their wills and other estate planning documents.

If you have a Will already, it is important to consult with an estate planning attorney periodically in order to ensure that you will is properly executed, and is both complete and current under the present probate code.  Laws regarding wills and estate planning vary from state to state, and may change over time, so it is important to make sure all of your documents are up to date and current with the law. (Massachusetts made major changes to its Probate Code in 2013.)

A simple Will is the easiest type of estate planning tool for you to use and is generally the least expensive.  A detailed Will saves your heirs from the difficult task of dividing up your assets and belongings. If you have young children, a Will is essential to naming a guardian should you and your spouse pass before they become adults. However, it does NOT save the heirs from filing with the Probate Court.  When we help our clients with estate planning, one of the greatest benefits we can offer to clients is ease of transition and the ability for their heirs to avoid Probate Court.  For more on avoiding probate court, click here.

If you are considering drafting a Will, revising an existing one, or would simply like to ensure that your will is valid and current, one of our experienced attorneys would be happy to take the time to discuss your individual concerns and goals.

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